CA: 0x6d57F5c286E04850c2c085350F2e60aaA7B7c15B


Total supply: 420,000,000,000,000,000 Presale: 282,922,500,000,000,000 Liquidity: 137,075,951,250,000,000


5% Buy/sell Tax 4% Marketing + 1% LP

Grok Girl's Team

The Grok Girl crypto currency project is spearheaded by a highly skilled and experienced team, dedicated to delivering value and innovation in the cryptocurrency space. The team collectively brings in many years of expertise, having been actively involved in the crypto industry for an extended period.

Notably, the Grok Girl's team has a track record of success with their previous projects, achieving impressive returns on investment. One of their projects recorded a substantial 40x return, highlighting their ability to navigate the complexities of the crypto market and create substantial value for investors. Another project achieved an even more remarkable 162x return, underscoring the team's prowess in project development and execution.

Our Vision & Mission

At Grok Girl, we envision a decentralized future where financial empowerment and inclusivity reign supreme. We strive to create a space where individuals, regardless of background or experience, can engage with the exciting world of cryptocurrencies confidently and securely. Our vision is to be at the forefront of innovative blockchain solutions, fostering a global community that embraces the power of decentralized technologies." Mission: "Our mission at Grok Girl is to provide a safe, transparent, and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We are committed to developing and maintaining a token ecosystem that prioritizes fairness, security, and community engagement. By leveraging the expertise of our experienced team, building on the successes of our previous projects, and forging strategic partnerships, we aim to empower individuals to navigate and thrive in the evolving crypto landscape. Through daily trends, comprehensive marketing efforts, and regular communication, we strive to educate, inspire, and create lasting value for our community and beyond. Grok Girl is not just a token; it's a movement towards financial inclusivity and decentralized empowerment

Road Map

Our long-term road map is built to deliver the best token.


Foundation and Presale.

✅ Establishing the website and social community channels for GROK GIRL Token. ✅ Conducting and analyzing the market to identify target audience and competitors. ✅ Whitepaper developing. ✅ Initiating marketing campaigns to attract potential investors. ✅ Hosting AMAs to engage with the community. ✅ Smart contract implementing and conducting a contract audit for security and reliability. ✅ Pinksale Pre-sale (15-Dec-2023).


Community Growth.

✅ PancakeSwap Launch(15-Dec-2023). ✅ Initiating marketing campaigns #1. ✅ Collaborating with influencers and key opinion leaders in the crypto space to expand the reach. ✅ Establishing partnerships with other meme projects, fostering cross-promotion and collaborative initiatives. ○ Developing and launching a meme-based NFT Marketplace. ✅ Organizing community events, contests, and giveaways to incentivize participation and attract new members. ✅ CMC & CG Listing. ✅ DEX Platforms trending. ✅ 5,000 holders.


Exchange Listings and Liquidity Enhancement.

✅ Initiating marketing campaigns #2. ✅ Applying for centralized exchanges (CEX) listing. ✅ Developing and launching a V2 NFT Store. ○ Developing and launching a P2E Game based on GROK GIRL's Token. ○ Developing and launching GROK GIRL's Dashboard. ✅ Organizing more community events, and giveaways to enhance the holders' experience. ✅ + 10,000 Holders.


Long-Term Sustainability and Innovation

○ Maintaining an active and engaged community through regular updates, communication, and transparency. ○ Continuously innovating and improving GROK GIRL Token's ecosystem based on market trends and user feedback. ○ Supporting ongoing research and development initiatives to stay at the forefront of blockchain technology. ○ Exploring partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions or think tanks to foster blockchain innovation. ○ Establishing a sustainable revenue model to ensure long-term viability and support future development efforts. ○ +25,000 holders.

Our Partners

We are in good hands with our precious partner.